As you may, nor may not, have noticed, the title of this blog has changed, as has the URL. Yes, thespookybookshelf.com and thespookybookshelf.blog will still bring you to this blog, and will for at least another year. However, the blog’s official url is now keeponbooking.net, and the site title is Keep on Booking.

The rebranding has been a long time coming, I have to admit. Back in 2018, when I started The Spooky Bookshelf, I had promised myself that this would be the last name my blog ever had. And technically, it is, because Keep on Booking was the first name my blog ever had.

This blog originally started back in 2010, on Blogger, as Keep on Booking. The name came from a used bookstore I’d worked at when I lived in Texas. Later on, the same blog became The Bookworm Fairy, then I left the book blogging world for a bit.

When I came back, it was And She Reads…, which I think I might have posted four reviews and quit. Then it went from And She Reads…, to The Goth Girl Reads in 2015. I had that blog for a little over a year, and let it go in 2016, to create The Spooky Bookshelf in 2018. And I’ve loved The Spooky Bookshelf… but it just seemed to me that it was coming to the point where I wasn’t feeling the blog anymore. I needed to do something – so I decided to go back to that old favorite name.

But why go back to Keep on Booking? Well, because that was literally the most successful book blog I’d had. I had a large reader base, I got books from publishers (actual physical books and not just arcs, I’d get finished books as well), and I just wanted to see if I could recapture that very first blog’s magic.

Silly, I know. But that’s where we are now – Keep on Booking.