Blogtober: Favorite Harry Potter Spells

Today Anniek & The Library Looter want to know our favorite Harry Potter spells. In full disclosure, I’ve only read the first three books all the way through. But I have watched all eight movies, so I know some of the spells, even if I don’t quite know how to spell them.

First up we have – Lumos! I mean, seriously, why wouldn’t being able to produce a reading light at the flick of a wand and a single word not be a favorite spell?

Next, Alohomora. I need this for when my hands are full and I can’t unlock the stupid door. Seriously…

Yep, I love expelliarmus. Who wouldn’t? Getting rid of a would-be attacker’s pesky weapons is a good thing. Making it fly out of their hand, scaring the living crap out of them? Priceless.

And my absolute favorite spell – expecto patronum. I love the patronus spell. I think it is because the result is personal to each person. Harry’s was his father’s animagus form. Luna’s was a bunny rabbit. Snape’s was the same as Lily’s – a doe.

So those are my favorite Harry Potter spells. What are yours?